Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn aka "Vegetative Mass Suicide"

I know that I don't EVER post but my soul has been seeping out through my fingertips and that's when I know that it is time to write. I've decided that reflection makes me more grateful and I need some more perspective in my life so I'm going to try real hard to write more. Keep your fingers crossed.

Leaves are fiery and falling to the ground and that means that my soul is at it's highest of heights. Although Bill Bryson deems fall a time of "vegetative mass suicide," I can't help but smile when that crisp airs bites my nose in the morning. My entire body surges with joy during fall. My toes stretch as I tread on the fallen leaves painting my pathway. My mouth does a back flip when it's time to break out the pumpkin flavoring and soups. My lungs breath a little deeper with an edge of moisture in the air. Mmmm...autumn, what more could a girl ask for.


  1. I love fall too! Almost as much as I love that you just posted on your blog...

  2. Whenever it is fall, I always remember when we made a huge pile of leaves and just sat in them on our way home from modern dance freshman year!

  3. Yes! That was my best day ever...that, and the day we drove up to squaw peak and gathered a gazillion leaves as we kept hopping in and out of the car at every tree that inspired us :)